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Group Dynamics and Process

Groups are like people – they are born, grow, develop and die. A group has its own unique field which inevitably asserts itself on the members and the facilitator. Whatever the topic, there will always be underlying processes at play that influence group dynamics.

Recognising and creatively engaging with presenting dynamics is key to the worker’s ability both to facilitate process and to successfully teach prepared material. Whenever groups meet in succession — as in the case of any training or in-depth programme — this is of utmost importance.

    Without group dynamic skills, group leaders often find themselves wasting time and energy dealing with subtle interferences and sabotage.
    These manifest as interpersonal disputes, the formation of subgroups, lateness, absences, dropping out and other kinds of provocative or disruptive behaviours.
    It is not enough simply to be a trained therapist nor to use classic body-psychotherapy style of telling participants what to do.
    Untrained group-workers may lose the group’s trust and end up blaming participants or co-workers.
    The creativity of groups depends on the choreography.

But workers who are attuned to the life-cycle of groups, understanding why disruptions happen and how to choreograph them creatively, will be better equipped to help participants become empowered to joyfully do the work they really want to do.

Groupwork facilitation training. G1

Train in Group Dynamics

Every few years we offer training in facilitating therapeutic groups for men - see the Menswork section. This training is only open to men but is not limited to therapists.

This year, in association with Mann-Frau and IBP (Institute for Body Psychotherapy), we are delighted to offer a specialised residential short course in Group Dynamics and Process in Switzerland.

Group Dynamics and Process: Theory, Skills, Choreography, a hands-on training

This course is designed for those (of any sex) who are intending to work with groups (or already do), for exmple trainers, therapists, coaches, teachers, activists and so on.

The intensive mid-week training offers pragmatic learning and group-dynamic experience alongside a chance to meet and share with European colleagues.

The training will be faciltated by Nick Duffell (UK) assisted by Notburga Fischer (A) and Robert Fischer (CH) and will be taught in English.

It carries attendance and CPD certificates for 13.5 hours, and particpants will receive hand-outs following the course.

What will I learn on this training?

The days will combine theoretical presentations with experimental aspects to bring the material alive. We will use sharing, role play and reflections on interpersonal interactions to explore the dynamics at play in groups.

The aim is give participants practical understanding and immediately applicable basic tools for working more creatively with groups.

In the latter part of the training event there will be an opportunity to work on participants’ case-study material or the group’s own expereinces.

Scope of the training

    Understanding the group as a ‘Matrix for Change’
    How to recognise and attune to the ‘Three Phases of Group Development’
    Employing the ‘Three Principles of Thematic Groupwork’.
    ‘The Pump’: group saftey and automy following the order of Love and Will
    How to recognize themes and patterns in group process; how to influence and choreograph them
    Roles, double-roles and scapegoating
    Learning to understand group-member behaviour in context
    How to read and ‘surf’ the transferrential field
    How to use your authority as a group leader appropriately and effectively
    Exploration of how group dynamics affect co-leaders

Groupwork facilitation training. Group2

Practical details

The training days will take place on 7- 8 November 2023 at the luxury chalet venue, Seminarhaus IdyllGais, Gais AR, Appenzell region.

The cost, including tuition and refreshments is CHF 480.00 (Swiss Francs). A disount is available for those coming from the UK.

Full board and lodging is extra and is payable directly to the venue. Prices vary with accommodation choice.

There are limited places.

Please contact us for full brochure and application procedure.

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