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Founded in 1996 by Helena Løvendal and Nick Duffell, the centre promotes realistic change, through counselling, therapy and workshops, in the everyday lives of men, women and families in areas that really matter and which are least understood and sometimes hard to manage without informed support .

What we offer

    State-of-the-art couples counselling and relationship therapy, in north central London (and to those with access to the London area), specialising in Creative CoupleWork, an effective way of assisting couples in intimate relationships and blended families to heal and develop their full potential.

    To support individuals in their personal growth – especially their capacity for intimacy – we offer a public programme of gender workshop groups for Women and Men only, staffed by experienced facilitators, in north central London and in beautiful residential locations.

    For psychotherapy professionals we offer training, CPD and specialist supervision in the field of identity, relationships and sexuality, including how these relate to spirituality, and state of the art couples counselling. For more information please see here.

    Customised programmes such as organisational development and mentoring, in-house training and facilitation.

    A selection of publications.

Our approach

We aim to integrate the best of Western psychotherapeutic theory and practice, including recent developments in neuroscience and neurocardiology, with the wisdom of indigenous peoples in order to find solutions to pressing issues of our times:

How does culture shape us and what is intrinsically different about the sexes/ genders?

How can men and women harness their complementary differences and step into co-creativity for a better world?

What does it take for women and men to appreciate and be proud of their differences at the psychosocial and psychospiritual dimensions?

How can men and women learn to cultivate lasting and creative partnership?

How can relationships achieve durable and potent intimacy?

How can we safely guide the next generations to become grounded and aware sexual humans?


With a growing affiliate staff, the centre is at the cutting edge of researching a full-spectrum understanding of gender, relationship, and sexuality.

Our book

Sex, Love and the Dangers of Intimacy: A Guide to Passionate Relationships When the Honeymoon is Over, by Nick Duffell and Helena Løvendal.

This widely acclaimed book was originally published in 2002 by HarperCollins and has been translated into several languages. It has now been updated to become the 10th Anniversary Edition published by Lone Arrow Press, 2012. Price £15.00 + p.&p.

Please note that the 2002 edition is now out of print, though Amazon may have second hand copies. But the 10th Anniversary Edition is available in paperback, Kindle and E-book PDF.

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How to order

To order the 10th Anniversary Edition paperback dispatched by our distributor, Amazon reseller 'gendercentre' click here

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Kobo and other device reading formats are also available from the usual merchants.

Other publications

For more publications and Nick's other books please visit our other site

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