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Your relationship is beautiful. Try to cherish it.

If your relationship is in trouble, the last thing which you should do is let it fall apart. Cutting loose from your relationship without trying your best could potentially rob you of years of happiness and adversely affect your family.

Creative CoupleWork offers you the following challenging idea:

    “When you think it's all over it may have only just begun ...”

    Sex, Love and the Dangers of Intimacy: A Guide to Passionate Relationships When the Honeymoon is Over
    by Nick Duffell and Helena Løvendal, available here.

Whether you're in a crisis and about to walk out ... if there has been an affair ... or things in the bedroom have gone stale ... or if you feel you've become stuck in a rut ... CreativeCoupleWork may be the answer. Our long experience in relationship therapy and the CreativeCoupleWork context has the potential to help you rediscover the spark and connection of when you first met – but at a different, more mature level.

A new way of looking at relationships

Many couple counsellors will offer you the same line about communication and equal partnership. Much relationship counselling is based on the assumption that communication is lacking in the relationship or that the interaction has become one-sided. Whilst in principle addressing these issues is a good thing, we have encountered many couples who have found that these solutions don't always help.

Our work takes you deeper than that, to the subconscious and gender factors which can cause conflict. This is what we aim to tackle. CreativeCoupleWorkers focus both on the deeper subconscious roots of problems and the difference between genders that can lead to conflict, as well as specialist areas like blended families and sexuality. This approach can help you to understand the way you and your partner behave and to get a glimpse of a possible new path.

Innovative relationship therapy

If your relationship is in a difficult place we're here to help you make things better. And by that, we're not just going to give you the usual speech about communication and being nice to each other. We offer dedicated private sessions and workshops with the intention of making a real difference.

We understand that different couples need different solutions, so we offer one-off assessments, ongoing couple therapy and intensive sessions over a course of two days.

Private sessions are most appropriate for getting to the bottom of your personal and private issues. Sessions are held by one or a pair of CreativeCoupleWokers.

Foursome work can be extremely powerful, for believe there are major additional benefits of having your relationship being supported by both a man and woman who understand what is like to be in a relationship.

For those looking to tackle their relationship issues head on and have the will to work on issues Intensive sessions can create radical shifts in a short period of time.


"Your work brings clarity to the male/female issue; it should be a requirement before anyone gets a divorce!"

"I've gained so much and am blown away by the shift in our relationship."

"I have a new feeling of connectedness to men and an acceptance of the differences between us."

"I wish I'd had the opportunity for such a growthful experience many years earlier."

Find a therapist

Here is a list of CreativeCoupleWork therapists, alphabetically organised, whom you may contact yourself.
Practical details, including fees, are available from each couple therapist's own page.

Karen Brewster
Bishops Stortford, Herts
Daytime, Evenings, Saturday Mornings
Contact by email
Relationship counselling website

Caroline Burr
Windsor, Berks
Tuesday & Friday daytime; Monday evenings
Contact by email
Relationship counselling website

Jenni Camplin
Bromley Kent BR1 3AA
Daytime, weekday availability
Contact by email
Relationship counselling website

Arthur & Jenny Dickson
Rusper, within easy reach of Horsham, Crawley and Dorking. Daytime, weekday availability.
Contact by email
Relationship counselling website.

Nick Duffell,
Co-founder and main trainer
London NW5
Contact by email

Sharon Kirby
Exeter & Shaldon, Devon
Contact by email
Relationship counselling webisite.

Sandra & Richard Knight
Near Edinburgh
Contact by email

Helena Løvendal
Co-founder and main trainer
London NW5
Contact by email

Jo Nicholl
London W14
Daytime and evenings
Contact by email
Relationship counselling website

Andy Metcalf
London NW6
Daytime and evenings Tuesday to Thursdays
Contact by email
Relationship counselling website

Nina Ringnes
Oslo, Norway
Daytime and evenings
Contact by email
Relationship counselling website

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